Monday, June 4, 2012


I haven’t posted in a few days because I was filing some compilations on Atlantic Coast Conference and Sun Belt Conference football that will appear in Sports Weekly’s college football edition.
Sports Weekly is published by USA Today and has several special sections during the year.
The deadline for the files was Sunday.
The reason I am blogging today, however, is to let however many of you who care about such things that, with an exception from time to time, my auto reviews will be appearing on another site.
I started writing for last month and some of my reviews have already appeared. It took me a while to get the hang of getting pictures to go with them, but it appears I have solved that technological problem.
But a couple on the Examiner site were either rewrites or verbatim copies of what I had posted on this blog earlier, and the people who run the site don’t particularly like that duplication.
So rather than do two completely different reviews, something nobody really likes to do, I’ll just do the one on the Examiner site and run a short item here to link you to it, like now.
My latest review is on the Audi A8L (pictured above), and the link to it is below.
You may also find other auto reviews and other items of interest on the site.
I mentioned an exception. There may be a time or two when I will write a review that will appear only here, just as usual.
I hope this is not a cause of consternation for you. I will continue to regale you with items about movies, beer, mysteries, and beer on an irregular basis.
Thanks for reading!

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