Friday, October 14, 2011


This will be a short blog today because I am overwhelmed with sports assignments this week. In addition to the usual football stuff, I have due next week 22 college basketball previews.
I really want to get to the reviews on vehicles I have driven recently. They are the Dodge Durango, the Cadillac SRX, and the Chevy Camaro SS 45th Anniversary Special Edition Package. Pretty nice vehicles all in their own way.
I want to have time and not skimp on them, though.
But I have had one question that has been going through my mind recently, and it bumps up against my previews vow not to get political in this blog.
I just can’t help it. Try to look at it in a non-political way.
The question is this:
Is Nancy Pelosi really as dumb as she seems?
I mean, she keeps getting elected and elected again and again (of course, in California, which explains a lot) so she can’t be a complete moron, can she?
Yet, every time she opens her mouth out comes something really stupid. Today because they voted against having abortions paid for by Obamacare, she said Republicans want women to die on the floor.
Ummm, Nancy. From reports I have seen, a dozen or so Democrats also voted against the bill.
She may have had said this before the vote was actually taken -- it’s a bit unclear -- but either way, it is a stupid thing to say.
I’d put it right up there behind the we-have-to-pass-this-bill-to-find-out-what’s-in-it comment she made when lobbying for the healthcare bill.
Yes, she is just stupid.

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