Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was going to write about the Oscars Sunday, then some other things got in the way and so I thought I could still write about them as a follow-up on Monday.

Then a bug went through out house and bit me. Some sort of stomach ailment that my wife is convinced was H1N1, which is the “swine flu,” isn’t it?

Any way, the work I was going to do on Sunday got pushed back to Monday, and though it was finished in the morning, I didn’t really feel up to writing any more in the afternoon or evening about the previous night’s show.

So that left today for the Oscars.

Except I am not going to write about them for another reason. I don’t really know anything about the Oscars.

I have heard good things about the movie The King’s Speech and intend to see it, but it may not be until it arrives in the Netflix warehouse that I do. I just don’t get to that many movies any more. Usually, my going to the movies involves the grandkids, so the last movie I have seen is Gulliver’s Travels starring Jack Black. Was it nominated for anything?

And I don’t watch award shows either.

As many of you know, I was a sportswriter in a former career and have an intense interest in many things in sports, especially on the collegiate level. But I don’t watch the Espys on ESPN and couldn’t care less what the Play of the Year or whatever they give awards for is. The Heisman Trophy announcement/presentation I don’t bother with either.

I never have watched the Grammy Awards. Did Glen Campbell win anything this year?

And the Golden Globes?

Something other than movies always comes to mind when I hear the Golden Globes mentioned. I thought Dolly Parton retired that trophy years ago.

So I apologize for not giving you keen insight on how the Oscars went this year. Apparently, not very well at least according to what I have heard and seen on a friend's blog. (If you're interested in Oscars commentary, you can check out his column at clanging-bell.blogspot.com.)

By the way, I remember the Oscars show in the past coming later in the year than the last Sunday in February. One year, there was a big deal about a scheduling conflict with the championship game of the NCAA basketball tournament.

I notice that it was the Oscars, not the NCAA, that moved its show date.

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