Monday, February 14, 2011


From time to time, we pretty much all get strange emails, no matter how efficient our spam filter is.

Somebody out there wants to make sure we have a good credit score, or wants to help us lose weight, or help us make money by working at home, or fix us up with somebody, or ... you get the idea.

I myself don't am not concerned with any of those things because I am happily married, don't want to work at home, am already losing weight (slowly, granted, but watching my diet and walking is working), and I'm not concerned about my credit score.

The reason I am not worried about my credit score is because soon I will have all the money I need. There is an unclaimed pile of money in Nigeria and somebody is going to pay me millions of dollars if I help them get it out of Nigeria.

I may not even have to wait for that. I may already be a winner in the Publisher Clearinghouse Sweepstakes!

You probably have something even better.

But something popped up in my mailbox today that really did catch me by surprise.

Addressing me by my email address, not my name, a “Stephanie Murphy” said she it was her pleasure to inform me that I qualified for “a 2010/2011 membership to the National Association of Professional Women, the largest network of professional women in the United States!”

Membership, Stephanie goes on to write, “is a privilege shared by thousands of professional women throughout America each year.”

Well, isn’t that impressive!

Sign me up now! Not!

I don’t know why but I decided to go a google and bing search on this. (Well, yes, I do know why; I must confess I was looking for something to blog about, and this provided a handy topic).

It didn’t take long, about three entries down on google’s first page, for a string of messages to show up claiming that this appeal was a scam, though the string did include someone denying it is a fraud and saying it was a great organization.

Then someone else wrote there was something fishy about that person’s claim.

So I don’t know.

I do know that a news item popped up on Bing that Ivanka Trump was going going to be the keynote speaker at the group’s April meeting in New York. The meeting is billed as the “first annual” networking conference for the group.

So I guess it’s legitimate, but in addition to the incorrect usage of “first annual” (it’s not annual until you have a second), the organization doesn’t have much of a screening process for prospective members.

I won’t be joining.

Oh, and you can keep your wise-ass comments to yourself!

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  1. Hmmm. Maybe you need to change your blog photo. I have a friend Stephanie Murphy who I worked with at the Boca News. She is still working for some magazine in West Palm Beach.