Friday, November 9, 2018


Jaguar is going all-in with electric cars with plans to to put electric power into all of its models by 2020.

To help familiarize consumers who may have some qualms about the future of these vehicles (range angst, anyone?), the company is staging a nationwide tour billed as “Jaguar Electrifies Experience” that showcases its products with an emphasis on its first electric-power vehicle, the I-Pace SUV.

Well, it’s “nationwide” in that the debut was in San Francisco, and this weekend’s edition was in Miami. Next venues are in Los Angles in mid-December and New York early next year, which leaves a lot of the nation uncovered. But maybe some will be added later.

The Jaguar Electrifies Experience gives consumers not only the time to get a close-up look at all the new vehicles without a salesperson hovering over them but also the opportunity to see how the I-Pace handles on a “SmartCone” closed course and to take it out for short spin on city streets. There’s also see an exhibit from Wired magazine to learn how an electric vehicle can fit into their future.

A handful of South Florida automotive media members had the opportunity for a preview before doors were opened to the public. (Yes, we’re an overprivileged group, sometimes undeservedly so!)

In only a matter of minutes I learned a couple of things:

—Thanks to the location of the 90 kWh lithium-ion battery stretching across under the front floorboards, the I-Pace handled the closed-cone course with ease. There is no vehicle sway with the sharp changes of direction.

—The throttle response is amazing. I was in the back for the spin around a few blocks and when my driving partner hit the accelerator (can’t call it a “gas” pedal now, can we?) I was pushed back significantly in the seat.

That’s because the I-Pace is powered by two 197-horsepower motors, one operating the front wheels, the other the rear, for a combined 394 hp and a whopping 512 lb.-ft. of torque. The zero-to-60 mph clocking is 4.5 seconds!

Jaguar says the I-Pace has a range of up to 243 miles on a full charge, but the rep who rode with us said that there have been reports of a range of up to 290 miles. Heating or cooling the vehicle while it is plugged in and recharging also helps to get to maximum range by reducing the draw on the car’s battery to reach desired temperatures.

Charging time, always an issue with the electric vehicles I have had the opportunity to drive, also is reduced. Jaguar says that owners will be able to achieve a zero-to-80 percent charge in about 40 minutes using 100kW DC fast charging or just over 10 hours using home charging with a 230V/32AMP AC wall box (7kW).

I won’t get into the overall looks of the I-Pace here save to say it meets or even exceeds Jaguars models’ typical, distinctive good looks inside and out. Jaguar also has been doing a lot of catching up with competitors in the area of operation of technological features, though the short time in the I-Pace didn’t allow for much opportunity to check that out.

Assuming you live in either in South Florida or will be in the LA or New York metro areas when the Jaguar Electrifies Experience arrives there, you will have the opportunity to see for yourself. Just keep an eye out for the advertising and social media sources promoting the event for details!

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