Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is a picture of my cellphone in a bowl of rice.
You  are probably asking yourself, why did Paul put his cellphone in a bowl of rice?
The answer is simple. I didn’t have any mashed potatoes.
No, wait.
That isn’t it.
Let me explain.
Earlier yesterday my wife came upstairs with my cellphone and asked me to check to see if it was working because she had not realized it was in the pocket of my shorts when she did the laundry, and, yes, it had gone through the washing machine, soak, rinse, spin, and all.
When I hit the button to turn it on, naturally, nothing happened. It was kaput.
Well, I thought, as soon as I get this work done (Monday is one of by busiest days during college basketball season) I’ll run over to Target and get a new one. I don’t have, or want, any fancy service. I bought a Tracfone last year and am perfectly happy with it.
First, though, I took a moment to call Tracfone to see if I could simply take the SIM card out of the old phone and put it in the new one and maybe save my list of phone numbers.
But the tech person, who must have been somewhere in India or elsewhere in a far away part of the world (not that there is anything wrong with that), told me, no, that was not how it works. My list of numbers was stored on the phone, not the card.
Sigh. They were lost, of course.
Later in the evening, before heading out to the store, I decided I’d try to see if I could get the phone working by blow drying it with a hairdryer.
Nope. Didn’t work.
So off to Target I went.
I found a replacement phone, but in talking to the clerk, he told me that sometimes if you put a cellphone that has been in water in a bowl of rice, the rice will absorb the moisture and it (the phone, not the bowl or rice) will work again.
Worth a try, I thought, and I went back home without buying a replacement.
Thus, the picture of the phone in a bowl of rice. You will notice it is uncooked rice. I’m not a complete idiot.
Looking back, I bet that clerk had a big laugh with his fellow workers later that night about how he had some doofus believing that putting a phone in a bowl of rice would fix it.
“Let’s try Jello next,” one of them probably suggested after he stopped laughing. 
As you no doubt have surmised, the next morning when I tried to turn the phone on again, it didn’t work, of course. No easy solution ever does work for me. I decided to plug it into its charger, and all I got was a very cloudy screen.
Dead. Gone. Kaput
So I went back over to Target and got a new phone.
It seems more technologically advanced than my old one, but it cost the same. I just use the phone to make calls any way, and check the time and sometimes the date, so whatever technology is available is kind of wasted on me. I don’t need an iPhone or any of its imitators.
So now I’m in the process of restoring all the numbers I lost, which is not an easy job.
If you get a moment, give me a call. It might help speed sthings along.

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