Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So I woke up this morning and what did I see?
Yep, snow.
Two days too late for a white Christmas, and it was only a light dusting, but snow nevertheless. By early afternoon, most of it had melted away.
It’s not often I get to see snow. I live in South Florida, after all, and the last time was a year ago at Christmas when I was visiting my daughter in the St. Louis area.
A lot of people got it then. In fact, there were traces of snow even south of Atlanta on our drive back home. Evidence was gone by the time I hit the Georgia-Florida border.
So now here it is again.
Oh, by the way. I did mention I was back in the St. Louis area for the holidays, didn’t I?
Or did you think I was talking about snow in Miami?
It’s 81 degrees there as I write this.
I am looking forward to getting back. Just a little snow does a lot for me.

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