Friday, June 17, 2011


The Ohio State football program is a mess, its coach and star quarterback both gone in the aftermath of the coverup of violations.
Corruptness has permeated the Fiesta Bowl, leading to the resignation of the man who put among the postseason elite.
The book has yet to be closed on the Cam Newton situation at
Auburn, Oregon is rumored to be on the edge of exposure for some problems, and who knows what is going to befall the football program at North Carolina.
So what is the NCAA coming down on?
It has its britches in a wad because Kentucky last basketball season gave special recognition to coach John Calipari for his 500th coaching victory.
Hold on, the NCAA said. He had to vacate some of those wins.
Kentucky fought the decision for a while but recently acquiesced, issuing a statement that said it was in error in insisting on giving Calipari 500 wins, even though the vacated wins were not during his time at Kentucky but at his previous stints and Massachusetts and Memphis.
I guess the NCAA can rest easy now. What a great victory for integrity!
Dripping sarcasm here.
The NCAA is the same bunch that succumbed to pressure from the bowl and allowed Ohio State to play ineligible players in the Sugar Bowl last season and wasted who knows how much time and money on a campaign to eliminate American Indian names and logos from school athletic teams.
And you wonder why college athletics is in such trouble.

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