Tuesday, April 5, 2011


According to a current Buick TV commercial, we human beings think 3,000 thoughts per day.  I rarely get beyond “I’m hungry” or “I think I want a beer” or “I sure am sleepy” these days, but I’ll take their word for it.
This got me to thinking about something.
Going back a couple of years, I seem to recall it being stated that a man thinks about sex every 20 seconds.
So let’s do some math here.
Every 20 seconds would be three times a minute, which would be 180 times an hour.
Allowing a generous eight hours for sleep, take that 180 times 16 and you get 2,880 thoughts in a day.
Take my word for it on the math. I did it on the calculator on my computer.
That leaves only 120 thoughts for the rest of the day. That’s only a fraction of a thought left per minute.
There doesn’t seem to be much room left for much of anything else, does there?
Especially when you take into consideration what I’m going to have to think about what I’m going to have breakfast (even if it’s just toast and coffee), lunch, and dinner, not to mention what kind of beer I want at night and how many. (My doctor says two, but I sometimes “think” about having three.)
And what if I change my mind about what I want for breakfast? Does that count as two thoughts?
I hope not. I don’t want to waste them.
Then again, maybe the 3,000 thoughts a day claim is bogus.
According to Jeff Foxworthy, men are usually thinking only two thoughts: “I’d like a beer, and I’d like to see something naked.”
I think he’s right.
Dang. There goes another one.

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  1. I think Foxworthy is probably most accurate; however, I would add "Where are my car keys?" and "What did I come into this room for?" to the list.